R.L. Winston Rod Co.

Some of the most innovative fly rods in recent years can be attributed to the R.L. Winston Rod Co.  Every Winston has the distinct feel that comes from a rod that's lightweight, smooth and balanced.

How to order from Winston
Winston is offering nearly their entire product line.  Below are some highlights.  To find out exactly what is being offered and the fundraising price, please download the order form.  For details on individual rods, connect to Winston's website.  Please include one Contact Information Page with all of your orders.

Introducing the fresh and saltwater Boron II-MX series.  MX stands for maximum, as in maximum power, distance, and fish fighting capabilities.  The 5- and 6-weights are slightly stiffer and faster than their Boron IIx count counterparts; the 7- through 12-weights are true "guns" that can handle sinking lines, big flies and adverse wind conditions.  While all seven models feature faster actions and are capable of making long distance, 100+ foot casts, they will amaze you with their responsiveness and light weight.  The rods come with a cork fighting butt and our new double locking reel seat.  Whether you're chucking 6" long "grocery" flies or battling fly rod humbling winds, a Boron II-MX will get the job done.

Innovation meets tradition. Introducing our new Boron IIt 4-piece series, which proves that advanced boron technology can be utilized to create exceptional medium-action fly rods. With this series, we have moved our proven second generation boron in a whole new direction, with extraordinarily lightweight rods that combine the powerful, highly responsive characteristics of Boron II with the legendary smoothness and delicacy of our more traditional action rods. At Winston, we fully recognize that many people enjoy fishing for trout with medium-action rods. The new Boron IIt is a true breakthrough for such anglers. 

Boron IIx 4-piece rods have redefined the fast-action category. A common flaw in most fast-action designs is a lack of casting range; the rods are often hard to load at short distances and even at longer range can be clumsy due to overly stiff butt sections. The Boron IIx series has changed everything. These are responsive, powerful, highly accurate fly rods that perform across a wide casting range; they load easily for gentle presentations up close, yet can also make very long, pinpoint casts of 100 feet. To date, across the board, Boron IIx rods are the lightest in the industry. This makes for very pleasant, all-day casting, even with the 10 and 12-weights. You will be amazed.


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