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Product design is the marriage of materials science and engineering with vision, creativity and art. It is the pursuit of product perfection through superior performance, simplicity and grace. It was a passion for product design combined with a love for sport that formed The Waterworks-Lamson.


How to order from Waterworks-Lamson
Waterworks-Lamson is offering their entire reel line at 50% off.  Below are a few examples of their product.  To see additional details on these and other styles, visit their website.  To see the fundraising prices, download the order form.  Waterworks will charge and ship your order directly to your chapter contact.  Please include one Contact Information Page with all of your orders.



The Velocity is a large-arbor workhorse with a conventional frame. For 2007, porting on the spool has been changed to increase ventilation and reduce weight. Equipped with a fully machined one-piece spool and our sealed conical drag, Velocity Hard Alox extends the Lamson tradition of value to a reel that represents a winning combination of leading edge technology and maintenance-free performance at a modest price.



The new Lamson Litespeed Hard Alox™ is a true large arbor reel with a fully-sealed drag system. The Litespeed Alox is machined in the U.S. from barstock aluminum. By utilizing a more traditional structural design and foregoing the use of titanium we are able to offer a very fine, high performance large arbor reel at a value you would expect from Lamson. Lighter without sacrificing strength, and has our patented maintenance-free super smooth conical drag.


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